WALTER COWEN - Principal

Walter Cowen, the principal of Walter Cowen & Co, is a Chartered Accountant with over 40 years’ experience working with individuals and businesses.  With his technical skills, honed by experience and constant professional learning, Walter can be counted on to solve complex tax issues and to achieve optimal tax results for his clients.

Having owned and managed a thriving toyshop, Walter understands firsthand the challenges and skills needed to operate a profitable business.

Clients are drawn to Walter with his rare combination of astute business skills and caring, affable nature. A natural teacher, he enjoys empowering his clients by sharing his knowledge and skills.

At leisure, you may find Walter walking in the bush, writing or using his analytical skills to solve the cryptic crossword, sudoku or a chess problem.

“I love to work with my clients to empower them to get the best results for their business”

Wendy Donoghue - Taxation Accountant - Manager

Wendy is highly experienced in accounting and taxation, having worked with Walter Cowen for over 22 years. Previously, she was employed at Ernst & Young (Whinney). 

With an Associate degree in Accounting, Wendy has accumulated extensive knowledge of tax, and continues to attend tax and superannuation seminars regularly. She prides herself on her thoroughness, and is committed to achieving optimal tax results for her clients.

Caring and personable, Wendy derives great satisfaction from empowering her clients to develop their own accounting skills.

In her spare time, Wendy enjoys tennis, taking her dog to Agility, or just walking in the bush or on the beach.

Anna Han Willetts – Taxation Accountant

Six months ago, Walter Cowen & Co welcomed Anna to their team. With numerous qualifications, Anna brings with her an up-to-date knowledge of taxation and the latest accounting software.

Anna’s career in accounting and taxation began in 2001. She obtained a Master of Accounting degree at Macquarie University, and is a CPA, Registered Tax Agent, Registered SMSF Auditor and Xero-Certified Advisor.

Anna is a regular attendee of seminars and ‘roadshows’. With her strong work ethic and attention to detail, Anna is committed to applying her comprehensive knowledge to achieve optimal tax results for her clients.

Anna is a devoted mother to a delightful little girl, and still finds the time to travel.